The Baptist Church of Rosettenville

Electronic INFORMATION BULLETIN with LINKS during COVID-19 Lockdown


08:15 Prayer meeting on the lawn at the back of the church.

08:45 Sunday School for Primary, Junior and Senior children. Preschool not open.

09:00 Live English Service in the Sanctuary (pre-booking essential, with masks and sanitization).

09:00 Sunday service YouTube link for the playlist: (one click):


Click anywhere on this underlined link and your computer should take you directly to YouTube to join the service.

For past messages see: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmqQuZqrkyRvbvRDqAb43GQ/videos

Podcast Audio message only called: “What does being filled with the Holy Spirit mean?”:


11:00 Fellowship on Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82124511222?pwd=TFVVT2phYnlwbzh3N09HaHZ3WFVKQT09

Meeting ID: 821 2451 1222 Passcode: 080444

12:00 – 13:45 Live French service and on Zoom: ID: 541 394 3616 Password (if required): 743243

Birthdays: Blaise Kisibu, Vani Naidu.


Monday 30th:

Birthdays: Jeffry Munoko, Jessy Munoko, Mary Wood, Norma Fordred, Paddy Griffith, Yala Mbuabu.

Anniversary: Noel and Anusha Maistry.

Tuesday 1st:

Birthdays: Bridjet Manema, Corol Hines.

04:30 – 06:00 French prayer meeting on Zoom.

Wednesday 2nd:

Verses to Memorize this week: Psalm 23:2 Psalm 23:3

Thursday 3rd:

Birthdays: Elijah Mohammed.

04:30 – 06:00 French prayer meeting on Zoom.

Friday 4th:

Saturday 5th:

Birthdays: Irene Nkongo, Kedibone Majoe, Steven Mulumba.

Anniversary: Jacques and Monique Issanza.

04:30 – 06:00 French prayer meeting on Zoom.


08:45 Sunday School for Primary, Junior and Senior children. Preschool not open.

09:00 Live English Communion service – (for the first 98 people with masks and sanitization).

12:00 Live French Communion service – (for the first 98 people with masks and sanitization).


If you are not in one of the RBC cell groups or Bible studies, please try form an informal group of 3 to 5 friends or family to discuss the Sunday message each week, till 16 December. Anyone can form the group. You can meet on WhatsApp, Zoom, Messenger or in person, just for 15 minutes a week. Step 1: Privately listen to the Sunday message. Step 2: Each person answers the questions you receive from pastordrbc80@gmail.com in their own time. (Remember to email the Pastor for your questions) Step 3: Gather on-line or in-person to discuss your answers with your e-group and pray for each other at a time that best suits you all in the small e-group. Have fun!


Please refrain from hugging and shaking hands during the COVID-19 crisis.


We are trying “first come first serve” for the first 98 people. Please come early with your mask and adhere to social distancing while waiting to be registered and sanitized.


The president has called for National days of prayer and mourning from Wednesday 25th to Sunday 29th November 2020. Pray that people will turn from their own way to the Lord. Pray for healing of the nation. Pray for families of those who have passed away from Covid-19.


Has reopened for Primary, Juniors and Seniors only. No Preschool class open. All regulations with masks and sanitization will be strictly adhered to.


Are you interested in being trained to operate the sound desk on a roster basis on a Sunday? Please contact Pastor Darryl 011-435-3839.


DVD’s of services are also available on a library loan system from Chris Eva at evachristopher@gmail.com or 082 770 8476. If you know of people who would benefit from our services, but struggle with internet, data or the audio messages, then check if they have a DVD machine and pass their details on to Chris Eva.

Pray for the FINANCES of RBC:

Tithes, Faith Promise and Benevolence offerings can still be made via EFT or in cash to one of the Elders or Deacons. Call them if you need them to fetch it from you. Banking details for EFT’s …


Please remember to mark the nature of your deposit clearly and do not lump two deposits together that are for different purposes: Tithes ; Faith Promise ; Benevolence ; Thank Offering. Standard Bank – The Glen Branch Code: 006005 Account Name: Baptist Church of Rosettenville Account Number: 002829878.


 Senior Pastor: Rev. Dr. Darryl Soal 011-435-3839 dmsoal@telkomsa.net

 French Pastor: Rev. Jean Monzambe 078-556-7628 djicainmonzambe7@gmail.com

 Elder: Mr. Wayne Angelo 011-435-9201 wayne.indisafe@gmail.com

 Elder: Mr. Ronnie Seabrook 011-435-5120 seabrook@mweb.co.za

 Elder: Mr. Mike Wood 082-900-0347 kingwood1943@gmail.com

 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rosettenvillebaptistchurch/

 Website: www.rosettenvillebaptistchurch.co.za

 Church Office email: rbc5103@gmail.com

The Baptist Church of Rosettenville

Electronic PRAYER BULLETIN during COVID-19 Lockdown

Today SUNDAY 29th NOVEMBER 2020


o Catherine Mkhize (previous caretaker Kenneth’s wife) – diagnosed with cancer – in need of prayer.

o Viv Pfau – not well – in need of prayer.

o Lynne Spruit – back injury – in need of prayer.

o Marina Seabrook – healing after a fall.

o Rob Steenkamp – not well.

o Maggie Mofokeng – recovering after knee replacement.

o Daphne Schoeman – in need of prayer.

o Ruth van der Merwe –- recovering after hip surgery.

o Enid Anderson – recovering after a fall.

o Robin Dodsworth – weak needing prayer.

o Robert Krog – in need of prayer.

o Mary Wood – in need of prayer.

o Ronnie Seabrook – recovering after back surgery.

o Pat Beck – not well – in need of prayer.

o Marj Brocklebank – in need of prayer.

o Pastor Paul & Ethne Jones – in need of prayer.

o Sheila Ramsami – in need of prayer.

Frail & in need of prayer:

 Verna Kinnear (Lynette Riest’s mother), Rose Logan, Janette Busscher, Brian Duncan.

Home bound & in need of prayer:

 Juvita Young, Gloria van Jaarsveld, Tina Blom.

• Faith Promise Missionaries: Pray for:

Steve and Anne Mann in Vereeniging

Mike and Linda van Vuuren in London

Mark and Les Harper in Mozambique

Eddie Andrews in Western Cape

Ruphin and Evelyn Pidipidi in Lenasia.

 Pray for the Matric students writing their final exams: Kai-Wyllow Mollentze, Kedibone Majoe, Busi Mzolo, Joevani Kazadi, Dora Matondo, Jonathan Lukanga, Nathan Kaswamba, Timothy Soal, Danielle Jekkels, Thandekile, Lily Yassa, Fabrice Mvula, Teresa Mbizi, Daniel Kabongo, and Timothy Parker.

 Please pray for all those looking for employment and struggling in our church.


 Senior Pastor: Rev. Dr. Darryl Soal 011-435-3839 dmsoal@telkomsa.net

 French Pastor: Rev. Jean Monzambe 078-556-7628 djicainmonzambe7@gmail.com

 Elder: Mr. Wayne Angelo 011-435-9201 wayne.indisafe@gmail.com

 Elder: Mr. Ronnie Seabrook 011-435-5120 seabrook@mweb.co.za

 Elder: Mr. Mike Wood 082-900-0347 kingwood1943@gmail.com

 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rosettenvillebaptistchurch/

 Website: http://www.rosettenvillebaptistchurch.co.za

 Church Office email: rbc5103@gmail.com